Energy & Automation is committed to the safety of its employees, property, and equipment.  We will utilize a safety program in our daily activities that will be observed by all employees at all times.  Disregard of any company safety rules and regulations may result in disciplinary actions including termination of employment.

An employee's decisions should always be guided by the company's commitment to safety.  Should a hazardous situation or condition exist and a decision has to be made on safety or production, safety concerns should always take precedence.

It is the responsibility of the manager, safety coordinator and foreman to ensure that every employee at the company is provided with safe working conditions, all safety regulations are observed and employees use good common sense to protect themselves as well as others.

The most important part of safety is the employee himself.  It is the responsibility of each employee to abide by the safety rules.  Employees are expected to report any personal injury immediately, however minor.  Report all dangerous conditions and practices to management.


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